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Nine Sports for under $50


Honorable mention Biking minus the helmet and the lock a bike only runs $59.


  1. All you need is a racket and a set of balls . You will need about $25 dollars to get started on this sport. And to practicee you just need a wall. Most publice parks that have tennis courts have these.


  1. Skateboarding your out of pocket expense is only $20. And great transportation around town for those college years.


  1. For $19 you can take up a gentlemanly game of Croquet. You won’t lose a lot of calories from this game, but who wants to sweat.


  1. A Tennis Racket is $14 and a can of tennis balls are $2. A great sport for building upper and lower arm muscles.


  1. Handballs are about $11 a pack. All this takes is a wall. Easily found at any tennis court. Great way to build up some upper arm muscle.


  1. Basketball is only out of pocket for $10 and you can go to any public court and practice your lay ups and jump shots while waiting for a game of one on one.
  2. Running/Walking a good comfortable pair of shoes don’t have to run you more than $10 but you can go get American made New Balance for Under $50 and those will last you two years.
  3. Badminton is wow, only $5 for a set. No need fr expensive courts or trying to find a city court to use. Just go to your closest park and enjoy some time getting exercise and seeing some lush greenery.
  4. Swimming can be done easily provided you live close to a fresh water lake absent of gators, water moccasins and spiders.


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Hong Kong Pearls Part 1








We love them. Those exotic orient/Asian dolls. They are trained from birth to please their man. Well, I hope these pictures are pleasing you. (You can find the nudes at our private site.


Meet Sumi. 24 year old B-cup Hong Kong Pearl. She likes sleeping in on a warm Saturday afternoon and cuddling with her man.

Jia below just loves the water. She is just waiting for her man to take a bath with and uses those soapy C cups of hers to lather you up.


Mai Mai, so delicious they named her twice. If she is not out tending her oriental garden you can find her and her C-cups in bed.

We could ask what could you do with this lovely 20 year old, but it would be better to ask Juli what couldn’t you do to this c-cup 20 year old. She is just waiting for you to educate her.


Last, but certainly not least is our D-cup Yuki. Yuki is a home body with a body. She doesn’t like wearing clothes because she finds it a hinderance to get what she wants. And she wants sex.


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Things You Can Do For Christmas Alone



  1. Go to Church Guarantee it will free your mind. Take a road trip to a place you’ve never been before. Yeah, I know a blog that has porn advocates for church.


  1. Give yourself a gift.



  1. Give a gift to a homeless person.


  1. Sit outside and appreciate nature while drinking your favorite beer. .


  1. Give your face and body a makeover. Shave, wax, polish, paint, trim and moisturize every part you can find!


  1. Think of one guilty interest (e.g. crystal healing for the skeptic) and spend the day exploring your curiosity.


  1. Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance



  1. Do 3 good deeds that will make you happy.


  1. Plan a bucket list item to go over.


  1. Watch “The Old Man and the Sea.”


  1. Have a movie marathon.


  1. If you have a pet, give it a special present. Treat your companion like royalty.


  1. Buy something from the internet for yourself. You’ll have something to look forward to long after Christmas is over.


  1. If it’s snowing, sneak out early in the morning and make a family of Christmas men, positioning them mysteriously all over town.



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10 Great Gifts for the Man in Your Life

 Weather this is a gift you are giving to your man or a gift you are giving to yourself. Here are some things the quintessential man will enjoy.

1. Who is it that you always go to fix things? It’s always the man that’s the go to man. So shouldn’t he have a go to tool kit? Uncommongoods ‘ Fix-it-Kit.

2. Men are always on the Go, Go, Go. Weather he is in an office or mountain biking or snowboarding. So a plug is not always handy to keep up with the latest Eleven blog posts. So a solar phone charger is a good idea.

3. You like board games. You like beer. So what if you combine the two. You come up with Beeropoly. Remember if you are playing with a girl, get consent every ten minutes, with the bros, let the drinks fly.

4.You made it to the peak, or the beach. Solitude is at your fingertips. You pull back to pop open a cold one. But weight you can’t haul a refrigerator on a bike. Well, we have the Six-pack cooler that attaches to your bike frame.

5.This is a great gift for the minimalist in every man. Combine your laundry with your work out with the punching bag laundry bag.

6. Mustard brown wallet with the never truer words spoken. “My Money, My Rules.”

7. We all know men are better chefs than women, so what do you do with your nerd chic. Get him a Deathstar wafflemaker.

8. His day starts at 4 AM and finishes at 10 PM. So he needs to be pampered a little bit. Show you appreciate him or yourself with this Chinese Dragon silk robe.

9. His automobile is everything to him. He keeps it clean. So ho about a set of personalized floor mats for his manmobile.

10. Wait you say you don’t have money to buy things for him. Well, learn to cook. You can go to the library or watch youtube cooking videos on how to cook.. Surprise him by finally contributing to the household chores.

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Nine Dating Tips For Feminists

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 2.02.46 AM

The movement is dead, now all your friends are doing it. They are getting themselves a man. So how do you get one? If you don’t look like the above picture by the end, keep triyng, don’t give up.


  1. Take a shower, nothing a man hates more than a woman who smells like last nights Chinese takeout garbage.


  1. I know that might fall under the category of taking a shower, but remember we are talking about feminists here. So we have to give them this information in short digestible bites.



  1. Hair, unless your hair is actually red, knock it off with the red hair dye or another freaky color. Remember you were a feminist, but now you are not.


  1. Shave legs, armpits and get that mustache waxed or even better lazered off.


  1. Lose weight. Yes, he’s in the gym working and bulking up. It’s time you took care of your figure, so he can appreciate the fine female form.



  1. Now that things look neat and clean put on a dress. Remember what Nola girl says. If you show cleavage, don’t show legs. If you show legs, don’t show cleavage. The only times for that is bedroom and beach.


  1. Learn to cook. Well, why should I learn to cook if he can just do it himself? Yes and if he can just do it himself, than why does he need you.



  1. Learn to sew. Sew! WTF. Yeah you heard me right. Sew. He fixes your car, your, apartment, helps you move. What physical labor are you giving him? Your pussy. Your pussy is overpriced. For doing all of that he can charge, go to Vegas with the money; get a girl 10 times better looking than you. Time for you to up your game.


  1. Learn to spend your own money. Spending your own money shows you are not treating him as an object of success. Look who Megyn Kelly would marry, because eh has the most money.


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10 Questions to Ask a Girl Before Dating Her.

Getting into a relationship can be a daunting task for any guy especially if the guy does this unprepared. Relationships often crumble because people enter them without knowing each other well enough to consider if they can date.


Well, today you are in for a treat as I’m going to share with you 10 killer questions you should ask any girl before dating her.


What happens is that most people are vague when it comes to knowing their potential partner before dating them. There are some things that don’t matter like asking your potential girlfriend’s favourite food, come on! You can do better.


Knowing guys the way I do, I know that sometimes without a helping hand, you can crumble and crash. Today, I am here with that hand, let us ask her some questions now, shall we?


  1. How do you react when you get angry?


I’ve put this as question number one not because it is the most important but because it is the most necessary. We don’t want to date Floyd Maywhether now, do we?

It’s important to know how your girlfriend or potential girlfriend reacts when she gets angry. Yu have to know how easy it is for her to calm down and move on.

Most guys mess up and that’s an acceptable fact. The thing you won’t like is being hanged to a tree by your girl just because you’ve messed up, you can do better than that.


  1. Do you see yourself as a workaholic?


Dating a workaholic can be pretty tough. They never seem to have time for you. To a workaholic, works comes first 99% of the time, that’s why they are called workaholics not ‘relationshipholics’.


Get me right, there is nothing wrong about dating a workaholic, you only have to be prepared for it.


  1. Is it important for you to share details about your day to day life?


This question seems pretty obvious at the surface but it goes deeper than that. Sometimes being kept in the dark by your girl can be hurtful, really hurtful, which is why you have to know what’s happening in her life.


Maybe, she had a chillout with friends at the bar and a guy hit on her, you don’t have to be kept in the dark. Let her share her experiences.


  1. Do you go public with your relationships?


The question is dependable. But from what I know, guys are like wolves, once they are dating someone, we like to mark our territory and make it official that we are ‘here.’


If you are not like most guys, willing to be kept a secret by your girl only to be thrown in the dish after three years, then good for you.


One thing I’ve noticed about girls who love going public with their relationships is that they have an impeccable sense of honesty. And going public is not telling the whole world, no! Sometimes it’s just about letting some of her closest friends know that you are there.


  1. Can jealousy sustain a relationship?


Most people say jealousy is proof of love. Well, to tell the truth, this statement is vague and it annoys me to the bones.


Sometimes, all a guy needs is to go out and have fun without being worried about his what significant other will think regarding his experiences. It can be difficult to get into a relationship where you are chained to the wall and not allowed to look at any other girl.


  1. What motivates you?


This is one of the most important questions to ask. This question can be regarded as an assessment question, just to help you see if you are on the same page with your girl.


Sometimes relationships don’t last because the couple’s motivations just don’t go along. Eventually, you’ll get bored of each other because your interests don’t somehow match.


  1. How important is it for you to do your own thing?


You really should ask this question precisely like this. Getting into a relationship doesn’t mean getting chained to another person.


Although you will be together, sometimes it’s important to live separate lives from each other. You don’t need to be chained to your girlfriend 99% of the time.


Be together but live independent lives. It’s allowed to have fun with the boys.


  1. How open are you with your feelings?


No girl will ever be perfect and as her guy it’s your duty to make her feel awesome and perfect.


If your girl hides her feelings most of the time, chances are, she’s going to snap at one point and that won’t be nice at all. One thing I know, is that as guys, we tend to feel a sense of responsibility when our ladies share their deepest emotions with us?


  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Too cliché, I know right! But just ask her anyway. In fact, this can be the most revealing of all questions listed here.


If a person can answer that question within 15 seconds without taking too long to think, then that person is serious about life. If you are not looking to get serious yourself, then pause and think first about dating them.


  1. What do you love blowing money on?


This article wouldn’t carry much substance if I didn’t bring up the subject of money. It’s important and you should know how she loves wasting her money.


Why should know? Because, chances are high, she’s going to waste yours on that too.


Apart from knowing that, you also get to have a peep into her spending habits. Because knowing either her level of stinginess or generosity can help you plan for the future knowing too well what you’re getting into.