10 Best Urban City Walks

Here at Eleven One One, we are about Maximizing Life and Minimizing Spending. So we combined a list of the 10 best urban walks in the US. We are not talking about an Enclave of lush greenery and forestry, but quaint homes and lovely street cafes.


Starting with number 10. Cape May, New Jersey. Boardwalk, beaches and babes, need we say more? And of course you can get the standard hot dog, potato chips and soda for $5. Try it Columbian style. Put potato chips in the bun before you put the hot dog on, with ketchup and mustard.


Number 9. Is a Midwestern city with quaint colonial charm. Northfield, Minnesota. After doing a morning walk, head over to the Farmers Market for an organic fruit salad for lunch. http://riverwalkmarketfair.org/


Number 8. Head over to Scottsdale, Arizona for a riverfront walk, among skyscrapers and downtown condos. And have an evening meal at Juan Jaime’s Taco and Tequila, where you can get their $5 tacos.


Number 7. We are going to head town South to Tampa, Florida. You won’t hit the skyscrapers until you make it to downtown Tampa. West Shore has the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. You got the bay on the right, Million dollar homes on the left.   Cross the bridge for a good Gyro (Yeero) at Samaria Café a food truck in Downtown Tampa.


Number 6 belongs to Boise, Idaho. Walking in that city gives you an eclectic mix of parks, monuments, arts http://idaho.for91days.com/freak-alley-and-boises-public-art/ and a city of history. Top it off by stopping by the Boise Fry C

Company for an organic burger.

Number 5 is in the New England Countryside. Portland, Maine. Get a taste of historic New England nestled among steeples and stained glass. Portland Maine has four different urban walks that you could try. http://www.portlandlandmarks.org/self-guided-walking-tours/ And get cheap wraps at Cheap Eats on Market Street. http://www.mktstreeteats.com/menu.html


Number 4 Cowboy up for a real Western experience go to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Don’t be surprised on you walk to see a real life cowboy tying up his horse while moseying over to the local watering hole. And head over to Rubyjuice for the nonalcoholic firewater.


Number 3 is Great for Halloween. Portland, Oregon. Yes, your own personalized walking tour of haunted Portland. And don’t forget to stop at the “Working Girls Hotel.” And for maximum experience maybe this one is best done at night. And for Cheap eats go to Babydoll Pizza. http://www.babydollpizza.com/


Number 2 is Key West, Florida. “Wasted away again in Margarivaille, searching for my last share of salt.” Key West is supposedly where Jimmy Buffet came up with th lyrics to ‘Margaritaville.’ Don’t worry about the ‘fins to the left of you and fins to the right of you,’ just enjoy the sunshine and the pier. For Cheap Eats go to Garbo Grill for the Mango Dog.


Where else would Number 1 be but the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC. Just get off at what ever metro stop you wish and start walking. Or you could start at the National Mall, detour into a museum and end up at Pho Viet for their $3 spring rols for Cheap Eats.



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