Ten Questions Proposed to US Senators

Let’s see if they take the time to answer back. We will give them 10 days.

Hi, I am the editor of Elevenoneoneblog.wordpress.com It is the fastest growing Men’s Rights and Men’s Interest blog on the internet. We have created a list of 10 questions that we are asking all senators and congressman to answer. A non-answer will be considered a no interest in men’s hardships.
1. Do you support ending alimony when there is no children involved.
2. When both parents work and both are seeking custody it shouldn’t be just de facto the woman but an earnest look at the capability of both parents?
3. Do you support a gender specific wording to require mandatory sentencing for female pedophiles, because the way the media portrays woman on boys (11 year old fathering a child) as titillating or the boy is lucky stereo-type prevents judges from handing down proper and equivalent sentences to the rapist. (In turn this teaches the boy that women are a privileged class and grows to hate women.)
4. Do you support women having to sign the selective service act now they are permitted to be in the front lines?
5. Do you think boys are being neglected and put aside in favor of girls in all aspects in education.
6. More women are entering and graduating from college than men, what would you do to equalize this.
7. Ninety percent of suicides are men, do you support more programs that will help men deal with the hardships they face that result in suicide?
8. An equivalent number of men get prostrate cancer, but the test for it is quite humiliating and more humiliating when a female tech is present. Do you support have days posted when a male tech is available? Also, for every $1 spent on men’s medical health $6 is pent on Women’s health.
9. Since 75% of men are homeless, what programs are out there or would you support to help men get back on their feet?
10. Recent surveys have shown that women physically and sexually harass men both in college campuses, workplaces and other public spaces more than men. , what programs would you endorse to provide for men.

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