Nine Sports for under $50

  Honorable mention Biking minus the helmet and the lock a bike only runs $59.   All you need is a racket and a set of balls . You will need about $25 dollars to get started on this sport. And to practicee you just need a wall. Most publice parks that have tennis courts... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Pearls Part 1

              We love them. Those exotic orient/Asian dolls. They are trained from birth to please their man. Well, I hope these pictures are pleasing you. (You can find the nudes at our private site.   Meet Sumi. 24 year old B-cup Hong Kong Pearl. She likes sleeping in on... Continue Reading →

Apology (Proxy and Move)

Since moving, I have had to use a proxy at the new location to use this site.I used too many different proxy addresses to access this site so site access was locked. Now the problem has hopefully been solved. Will continue to publish great articles and of course our beautiful Teddybares. Don't forget to check... Continue Reading →

Girls of Greece

Well, we were surprised when we went there. We were expecting these dark haired beauties, but we were pleasantly surprised when we found some blonds. These are our top five choices. Remember our private sight is $20 a year and you can see these girls in the buff.

10 Best Urban City Walks

Here at Eleven One One, we are about Maximizing Life and Minimizing Spending. So we combined a list of the 10 best urban walks in the US. We are not talking about an Enclave of lush greenery and forestry, but quaint homes and lovely street cafes.   Starting with number 10. Cape May, New Jersey.... Continue Reading →

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