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Below is the lovely souther 38 year old socialite Maria with those perky C-cups. She is not a safe spot in the storm, she is the storm

Above is Dian with her beautiful C-cups.  She has stepped out of yoru dreams and into your bedroom. Don’t you want to make her happy?

Mary (Below.) at 39 with her 36 C-cup breasts is just waiting for you to come ravish her or as you can see she will be more than happy to ravish you.

Above is 37 year old Kerry with lovely C cups. She can’t wait to get you into bed.

Below is Hope with her luscious double D’s. And she really hopes you will join her in bed.

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Ten Internet Video Personalities that back men and men’s rights.


Maybe you have your own list or would like to comment on them.


  1. An Ear For Men hosted by the acerbic wit Paul Elam.
  2. Marc Rudov. While Marc Rudolph does not have a channel of his own. There are plenty of clips of him debating the feminist side and winning. You can see the old standby from the women, when they lost. It’s about respecting the women. No, it’s about women getting their way.
  3. Nola Girl. A supporter of men and a supporter of MGTOW.
  4. Blaire White.. In the 90’s a female reporter would always invariably ask the question, “Is it harder for a women? Women would always answer, “yes.” How would they know, have they ever been a man before? Well, Blaire White is one that can truly answer that question.
  5. Paul Elam has another Channel, but it is not hosted by him. He just loans his name to it.
  6. Bane666au, Time to head down under for Australia’s great mouthpiece.
  7. Men are Good. Now if you are like me and who cares if you are or aren’t you want to focus on the positivity that men bring to the table.
  8. Raging Golden Eagle, a MGTOW that focus on most things not women. Just out to have fun.
  9. We have the Grandmas of the bunch. Honey Badger Radio. Meet, Karen, Allison, Dianna and Hannah. They speak for us when we can’t.
  10. Who would you want to vote for the 10th slot?
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Blondes of Amsterdam

Malina is surprised you waited this long to get her into the “garden.” Her and her D-cups are pouting you still haven’t fulfilled her sexual desires.


Above is Malena, who is fresh out of the shower with her D-cups, just waiting for you to towel her off.

Below is Samantha, showing off her D cups with her bewitching form in lingerie. Lolipops are her second favorite thing to suck on, can you guess what number 1 is?


Cindy Above, hates wearing clothes because undressing takes too long to get to what she wants, which is sex.

Below is 24 year old Kelsey, her perky C cups are just waiting for you to nibble on them.

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Ten New Years Resolutions That Every Feminist Should Make

  1. Down size the cat population. Make it only one.
  2. Knock it off with the green/purple/red hair dye.
  3. Hit the gym, lose weight. If your underwear is bigger than every man you know, you are too fat. No, you are not healthy at any size.
  4. Shut up and listen to other people who have a different opinion then yours. Even better just shut up.
  5. Shave, Shave not just your legs, your arms and your mustache.
  6. Take a bath.
  7. Agitate for more women to be garbage collectors.
  8. Take a man out to dinner.
  9. Don’t complain if he doesn’t do things yoru way.
  10. Thank him.